CMG brings the efficiency in recycling at Greenplast

CMG (hall 14, stand A31) will exhibit its most recent innovations for the recycling at the Greenplast 2022 exhibition-conference, scheduled at Fiera Milano from May 3 to 6, where its general manager, Giorgio Santella, will also take part at Tech Talks on May 4, organized as part of the Packaging Speaks Green conference, which will take place on the same days as the exhibition still at Fiera Milano. Nowadays, the post industrial and post consumer recycling processes have renewed connotations that aim at the reintroduction of recycled materials in the production processes on large scale, and CMG solutions for the recycling include granulators, shredders, integral feed conveyors, evacuation and regrind transport systems, dedusting units, dust management and air filtration.

All CMG units for recycling applications, with capacities from 800 over 5,000 kg/h, feature the Adaptive Motor Power (AMP) function. The granulator is able to autonomously establish which power level to adopt to carry out its work, according to quantity, shape, weight, thickness, and type of plastic, as well as temperature of materials and articles to be ground. The AMP allows to optimize the quality of the regrind material to the maximum (dimensional and physical homogeneity of the regrind particle and absence of dust) and minimize the use of electricity. A CMG granulator uses from 20 to 25 Wh/kg of energy, compared to over 50 Wh/kg of a conventional unit. The ROI for the AMP is less than 12 months.

With the EV916 and EV616 models CMG presents the new Evoluzione series, suitable for the most critical operating conditions, for wet or dry granulation, which require high performance characteristics such as granulation capacity from 2,000 to over 5,000 kg/h, versatility, efficiency and sustainability. The Evoluzione series guarantees operational consistency and wear resistance of a higher degree, with its construction solutions that involve the use of harmonic steel Hardox and assembled modular structures. In addition to the precision to the hundredth of a millimeter in the construction of the new cutting chamber, which allows a much longer duration of the blades when compared to conventional models, all the Evoluzione models are equipped with advanced controls, in Industry 4.0 style, to make the machine functions 100% monitorable and manageable. Operating temperature, blade wear, productivity, operational efficiency, energy use, all functional parameters managed on the machine or from remote, with connectivity based on the OPC-UA protocol, are just some distinctive features of this new range of machines.