Interplastica will open the 2022 exhibition calendar of Moretto

The 2022 exhibition calendar of Moretto will start in Moscow from January 25 to 28, participating at Interplastica, which represents a reference point for the Russian market for the Padua-based company. After the preview at the Fakuma fair in Germany last October, Interplastica will be the opportunity to present also to the Russian market the latest product innovations that involved the main Moretto product lines.

The new three-phase suction units have been reduced dimensionally and mount the new Vortex filters. These units have a modular design and can be equipped with several accessories such as the Vortex filter, an automatic cleaning device, the Bypass valve, the Duo valve, the cooling ring. 

Among the feeding solutions, it has been introduced the new range of flexible hoses specific for the transport of plastic granules. These pipes are the result of an accurate design and based on specific needs of plastics processors. The whole series - made of 100% polyurethane - is entirely produced in-house in different versions: vacuum line, material line, medical sector, wear-resistant and high temperature; combined with the different available sizes they create a range of 60 different models. These wear-resistant flexible hoses are five times more resistant than the standard products available on the market, solving one of the major issues often present in conveying systems, especially when mineral additive or fiberglass are involved.


Compactness and usability are the key features of the new drying system CRX Mobilux. This is a compact all-in-one solution available in four configurations. The standard one includes dryer and hopper and can be integrated with the VS Duo suction unit and the heating group for use up to 200°C. Every configuration can mount Moisture Meter, the in-line moisture analyser, creating a high technological content system. A unique and exclusive solution on the market. A single mobile application to be placed close to the IMM creating an autonomous and compact system that integrates the plastics treatment and transport functions, optimizing not only the management of the equipment, but also the spaces near the processing machines. A seven-inch touch screen control panel allows integrated management of the dryer, heating group, DUO suction unit and Moisture Meter. It is also available with OPC UA protocol.