Integration means automation

Stepping up automation through the integration of one or more machines. IMG emphasises its focus on greater automation of the production processes related to rubber injection moulding, aiming at improving efficiency for the benefit of plastics converters. The company based in Capriano del Colle (Brescia, Italy) supplies robotised cells based on the 14 models of injection moulding machines in its portfolio, making them communicate with each other, and equipping them with accessories such as anthropomorphic robots or conveyor belts.

"The advantages brought about by an automated cell are numerous. They include consistent quality, high-level programmability, flexibility in the execution of different and repetitive tasks, continuous profitability and consequently a greater competitive potential, as well as improved safety features. All the robotised cells supplied by IMG are CE certified," explained Fabrizio Bonfadini, IMG's executive director. "Thanks to continuous investments in research and development, the company has come to offer a very high level of automation which can be also customised and designed to specific production needs."

IMG has realised several robotised cell projects, including one consisting of two horizontal GUM injection moulding machines with a 450-ton Hydroblock clamping system, an anthropomorphic robot dedicated to removing finished products from the mould and a conveyor belt for handling finished pieces. The system has made it possible to achieve a fully automated production cycle and higher productivity for the customer. 

Another example is the automated cell created by integrating the NEK vertical "gooseneck" machine, an anthropomorphic robot and a conveyor belt. Since the moulded pieces do not feature dangerous projections, the front of the cell was completed with the addition of a laser scanner with a high level of safety - another very significant issue for the Brescia-based company - as a result obtaining a very compact footprint to meet the customer's needs.