More space for the mould on the same footprint


At the K show 2022, the dual platen large machines from the Engel duo product family are exhibiting even more flexibility and efficiency. The new duo tech can accommodate larger moulds on the same footprint and achieves greater productivity thanks to a shorter dry cycle time and improved power.

The new duo tech series includes 35 sizes with a clamp force range between 3,500 and 55,000 kN. This means that the Engel large machine portfolio has been extended with two new sizes. Compared to the previous duo series, the clamp force sizes have been redistributed and supplemented by further WP (wide platen) versions.

Even in the standard version, the mould installation space of the new duo tech offers more space. This means that larger moulds can be mounted. Users benefit from comparatively low capital outlay and reduced energy consumption. The extra space is made possible by the newly-developed clamping unit alone. The footprint of the duo tech machines is as compact as ever, compared with existing duo models. Thanks to the dual-platen design, the Engel large machines have always been particularly short, ensuring high productivity per unit of area. An additional duo machine will often fit on the production floor. On the injection side, too, the new duo tech offers even better performance features. Both the injection and the plasticising capacity have been boosted by up to 25%. This means that longer flow paths can be achieved with relatively small duo tech models.