CMG at the blow molding conference with dedicated granulators

CMG Granulators will take part at the 6th edition of the international Blow Moulding Conference, from 29 November to 1 December 2022 in Brussels. On the occasion of this event, CMG will propose the new series of recycling system solutions for application with blow molding machines, featuring a high degree of productivity, regrind quality, efficiency of operation and a very low TCO level. The new series covers capacities starting from 20 kg/h all the way up to 1500 kg/h. The new range is composed of 11 granulator models, all purposely designed for grinding blow molded containers or bulky objects.

The new CMG series of grinding systems includes infeed conveyors, metal detectors, and enclosed feed chutes. The infeed conveyor is integral part of the system, not anymore an appendix or an auxiliary device, and is controlled by the granulator so to synchronize all operations in full. All granulators operate in high-efficiency conditions, are all equipped with EISA premium-efficiency motors and can have AMP controls (Adaptive Motor Power). Regrind evacuation, dedusting and air filtration are all automatic and require no maintenance. Energy utilization is 20 Wh/kg vs the 40 Wh/kg of conventional solutions.