Innovation for the ultrasonic welding of tomorrow

About 150 selected customers from five continents attended the Ultrasonic Tech Days on 12 and 13 June at Herrmann Ultraschall. Under the motto "Innovation for tomorrow", participants experienced new developments in ultrasonic welding and collaborated with experts to discuss future challenges and potential solutions. 

Using a deliberately interactive approach, attendees were able to provide valuable input on the issues and trends they care about most, as well as developments they expect in the future. For this purpose, participants had the opportunity to tailor their programs from a wide selection of workshops and presentations by external speakers. 

In addition to FutureLabs, the exclusive opportunity to gain insights into the work of the ultrasonic laboratories was particularly popular. Application engineers demonstrated live experiments on how they develop the ideal welding process. Topics such as automation, sustainability, and the circular economy also garnered significant interest.

"When so many innovative minds from a wide range of industries and companies come together in one place, you can sense an enormous amount of creative energy," said CEO Thomas Herrmann. "With the feedback and numerous ideas, we received from our visitors, we can ideally prepare ourselves for future requirements and continue to excite our customers with sustainable and efficient ultrasonic welding solutions."