Extrusion of PS/PP thermoforming sheets for electronics packaging

Amut has recently completed the testing of a new PS and PP sheet co-extrusion line to be delivered to a leading European processor of thermoformed technical trays for the packaging of electronic components. With a nominal width of up to 1,200 mm and an operating width of up to 1,000 mm, the line can produce sheets at the rate of 800 kg per hour. 

Amut's wide range of technologically advanced solutions, suitable for a wide range of thermoplastic resins, includes extrusion lines for sheets, plates and multicellular panels with nominal widths from 400 to 3,300 mm and thicknesses from 150 microns to a few centimeters. The number of co-extruders is defined according to the specific needs of the processor and to the features of the finished product. Amut extrusion lines can produce thermoforming plates up to 9 layers and ensure production capacities of over 4,000 kg per hour.