Polycarbonate panels for a Polish kindergarten construction project

Bright rooms for carefree play. With the construction of a new public kindergarten, the village of Bobrowniki near Katowice in Poland has created a modern environment for its youngest community members. This award-winning building is a showcase for the successful combination of polycarbonate with other - equally unusual - materials for facades. The click panel system from Exolon Group creates bright rooms that keep energy consumption to a minimum.

The construction of the new kindergarten was commissioned by the municipality of Bobrowniki and was the municipality’s largest investment to date - at approximately 24 million euros. The result was a kindergarten with an outdoor area measuring a total of 950 square metres that meets the latest requirements in early childhood education. The one-storey building and outdoor facilities are completely barrier-free. The building envelope is covered with a flat roof. The facades were finished using polycarbonate, textured plaster, laminate and aluminium cladding.

One key aspect of the project involved selecting quality building materials. They had to be aesthetically pleasing, energy-efficient and sustainable. For the double-shell facade, the builders opted for system profiles from the Exolon Group: the Exolon Panel 9P with a thickness of 40 millimetres.

The Exolon Panel 40 9P is a polycarbonate panel system featuring a tongue and groove joint. The 9-fold tunnel structure, which has a low Ug value, significantly improves thermal insulation and helps to reduce energy consumption. At the same time, it minimises the building's CO2 emissions and therefore its environmental footprint. The “Clear Frost” colour gives the facade a friendly aesthetic that blends seamlessly into the environment and matches the educational environment of a kindergarten well.

This project not only created a modern kindergarten, but contributed to the community's quality of life in the long term. For this, the construction company was awarded the “Grand Silesian Construction Award 2023”.