In Piovan a new division dedicated to refrigeration

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PiovanGroup launches a new strategic division in industrial and process cooling, the result of the integration of the business segments operated by the recently acquired Thermal Care and the existing Aquatech. The two companies share a 50-year history of designing, selling, and servicing high-quality heat transfer solutions for the plastics, food, beverage, and 50 other industry segments.

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Sobocinski Linkedin)

The newly formed division, specialized in innovative sustainable solutions of excellence for industrial process cooling, thus becomes a global player in its market sector, operating worldwide and with a branched manufacturing capability ranging from North America to Latin America, from Europe to Asia, with a widespread service structure capable of ensuring proximity to customers in all countries where its assets operate.

The integration of these business units will provide R&D efficiencies and an expanded portfolio of products, solutions and services capable of serving a wide range of market sectors. The new division will be headed by Lee Sobocinski (picture on the left), current president of Thermal Care and will operate under the Thermal Care brand and have global consolidated sales of approximately 100 million euros.

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Zuppichin Linkedin)

“We are thrilled to create a new strategic division leader in the business of industrial refrigeration solutions. I firmly believe that, under the leadership of Lee Sobocinski and his team, PiovanGroup will become a global benchmark for top-notch heat transfer applications in the polymer, food & beverage, and industrial sectors”, said Filippo Zuppichin (picture on the right), CEO at PiovanGroup.

“The creation of the global Thermal Care brand, coupled with the exchange of the institutional knowledge within PiovanGroup into this emerging division, will empower Thermal Care to provide best-in-class assistance to our customers, irrespective of their geographical presence, spanning from preliminary sales engagement to post-sales support. The future of Thermal Care is exceptionally bright, and we are confident that being “better together”, we will ascend to new heights, delivering unparalleled solutions in industrial heat-transfer to our valued customers”, added Lee Sobocinski, president at Thermal Care.