Versatile shredder for post-consumer film materials

Designed to wash and grind post-consumer film in commercial, post-logistics and agricultural applications, presorted by color and polymer, with more than 80 % stretch film, Sorema lines can reach an output of more than 10,000 tons/year. Merit for these results can be also attributed to the PR 2800 shredder by Previero, a solution that can also be installed on HDPE bottle washing lines with a throughput of up to 5,000 kg/h where thanks to the cutting geometry it is able to separate the metal components of the spray bottles that would damage the mill blades.

The operator, having loaded the film bales, removes the steel wire that binds the bales, so that the conveyor belt can feed the PR 2800 shredder. Designed among other things for easy and efficient operation and maintenance, this shredder,  thanks to its tangential blade and water-cooled rotor, pre-cuts and doses the film to the washing line, optimising downstream operations. A notable feature of the PR 2800 shredder is the  hydraulic motor with maximum torque from standstill to ensure minimal energy consumption required for film cutting and to reduce the risk of rotor damage caused by inert material entering the cutting chamber. In case of overload, the rotor stops and turns in the opposite direction without an inertial pulley.

In short, the main features of  the PR2800 shredder include:
- horizontal hydraulic pusher;
- motor with reversible rotation, installed power 200 kW;
- two sizes of rotor: ø 800 x 2000 mm and ø 800 x 3000 mm;
- rotor coated with wear-resistant material;
- interchangeable blades and grid.

The advantages achieved with the PR 2800 can be summarised as follows:
- minimum energy consumption, up to 30% less because the motor consumes energy only when the rotor is running;
- low rotational speed and cooled rotor ensure evenly sized pieces as required by detector manufacturers, with little fines and a smooth material that is easy to open and dose to the detectors;
- prepares material ensuring loose, un-welded pieces with minimal wear due to low rotational speed and wear-resistant coating;
- easy access to the grid and cutting chamber for easy maintenance and quick blade changes.