The new extrusion heads from Bausano starring at a virtual event

The doors of Bausano Digital Lab virtually will open on July 8 with a live streaming dedicated to the new generation of extrusion heads for the production of PVC pipes. Created for an international audience, the event will be replicated in two twin sessions at 9 and at 17.

Clemente Bausano, vice president of Bausano, will open the session with an overview of the growth rates of the world pipe market for the 2021-2026 period. He will be followed by the presentations of the two technical sales managers, Roberto Sardella and Giorgio Critelli. The first speaker will illustrate the characteristics of the Bausano ranges for PVC and polyolefin (PO) pipe production and their various solutions and configurations, ideal for multiple applications. The second speaker will focus on the numerous new developments, which are the new range of heads, the calibration benches and the 360° cooling system with spray cooling method, designed on purpose by Bausano for pipes. Lastly, Andrea Arbarelli, technical sales manager, will start up the line with the twin screw extruder MD 75/30 Plus, for the production of press-filled PVC pipes. At the end of the event, the participants will have the chance to interact live with Bausano experts thanks to the innovative virtual talk show mode.

“July’s digital event will be an opportunity to share the results obtained by our research and development department, with a specific focus on the applications. In this sense, we have completely renewed our solutions for the extrusion of soft and rigid, transparent, highly filled or pressure PVC pipes, in order to meet the ever-increasing demands of manufacturers for excellent melt homogeneity, flexible processes, maximised output and reduced energy consumption. In particular, our new range of extrusion heads includes models with double (up to 110 mm) or single outlet (from 10 to 800 mm) for the production of PVC pipes, which ensure a production capacity of up to 2,000 kg/h”, commented Giorgio Critelli.