G-Max 13 beside-the-press granulator

The G-Max 13 completes the existing G-Max granulator series from Wittmann, which offers cutting chamber sizes ranging from 130x260 mm to 460x235 mm and engine outputs from 2.2 kW to 4 kW. The models from the G-Max series can be used for material throughputs of up to 50 kg/h on injection molding machines with up to 500 t clamping force. The G-Max 13 granulator is suitable for in-line recycling of soft to medium hard sprue consisting of PP, PE, ABS or PU, and can be used on injection molding machines with clamping forces of up to 230 tons.

The material screens of the G-Max 13 are available with screen perforation in different sizes: either 4 or 5 mm in diameter. This ensures suitability for varying materials and throughputs. The perforations in the screens have a conical shape, so that soft and sticky granulate can pass through more easily. A feature which ultimately contributes to minimizing the accumulation of material deposits in the openings. The tiltable material hopper simplifies cleaning and servicing of the appliance enormously. For instance, a screen change can be carried out without tools, and the time required for servicing is reduced to a minimum.

The granulator has an open rotor with three knives. It is designed with openings between the knives and the rotary axis to ensure unhindered ventilation of the cutting chamber. Thanks to this type of design, this model is ideally suited for grinding materials which are sensitive to heat or parts not yet completely cooled. Exchanging knives is extremely easy and comfortable. The new G-Max 13 can handle a material throughput of up to 35 kg/h (depending on the shape of the parts/sprues, screen size and quality of material), it operates with a low noise level and is extremely energy-efficient.