Baruffaldi Plastic Technology

  • 06 September 2023

    Welding the socket to the end of smooth or corrugated pipes

    One of the relevant projects recently developed (and patented) by Baruffaldi Plastic Technology is represented by the SRM and IAM-S machines (both Primac branded) for joining the socket to the end of the pipe. Both machines can work inline after the cutting saw and offline. In the inline version, the...
  • 09 November 2022

    Covering drainage pipes with PP geotextile

    For almost 70 years, Baruffaldi Plastic Technology has been designing and manufacturing customized machines for processing plastic profiles and has always stood out for its dynamism, flexibility and avant-garde nature. Together with the Primac brand, it has been designing downstream equipment for plastic pipes for over 30 years. In particular...
  • 09 June 2021

    New digital platform for Industry 4.0

    The Smart Industry new generation digital platform, developed by Baruffaldi Plastic Technology for Industry 4.0 allows monitoring in real time the machine operating status, and collecting statistical data about its use. These data are stored in a proprietary cloud and are available both to the machine user for productivity analysis, and to the...