Certified carbon footprint and traceability of Mater-Bi

In a market context characterised by an European regulatory framework that is increasingly focused on transparency and the prevention of greenwashing, as opposed to often fake ecologism, in a state of dangerous resurgence of illegality, being a Novamont partner will henceforth be synonymous with a guarantee of traceability of compostable bioplastic solutions and certified environmental sustainability, as well as the quality and legality that have always been guaranteed wherever the brand has been present.

In addition, Mater-Bi Premium Partners will have privileged access to process and product innovations, new certifications, environmental reporting systems, market survey results, trade show events, and communication and promotional activities. Novamont will provide Premium Partners with a system for reporting the environmental impact - in terms of carbon footprint - of all production carried out using the different grades of Mater-Bi, accompanied by ISO 14067 certification. In addition, through the use of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence systems, Novamont is studying and validating the implementation of a blockchain traceability and certification system, from the raw material that leaves Novamont's factories to the finished product, with which to validate and certify the products made with Mater-Bi by the brand partners.

The aim is to create a system that can be implemented directly on board extrusion machines, allowing real-time monitoring of production to report and certify production to demonstrate sustainability levels with objective data and systems.

Our Mater-Bi partners will be able to guarantee their customers a supply chain of products manufactured in Italian plants, 100% traceability - from the raw material leaving Novamont's plants to the finished product - and a certified carbon footprint for all production," said Alessandro Ferlito, Novamont Commercial Director. "With this agreement, we guarantee our partners an advantage in terms of transparency, quality, legality and compliance with the sustainability requirements that are increasingly present in tenders and contracts.