Thermoforming, when precision and repeatability are not optional

The high precision and optimisation of the thermoforming performance of the CMS Eidos machine are the result of sophisticated and meticulously studied mechanical solutions combined with management software ensuring intuitive and simple use. 

An example of thermoforming precision and repeatability of this machine is the production of world globes, whereby pre-printed sheets are first loaded into the machine, then heated and finally shaped to create the two hemispheres that will later form the globe.

The fully automatic management of the process ensures high stability and repeatability of material stretching and shaping operations, as a result obtaining high and consistent quality in every production cycle. 

For this particular product, the machine is equipped with a six-cavity mould for 0.6 mm thick silk-screen printed polypropylene sheet and an alignment system with an accuracy of ±0.2 mm, which guarantees uniform results on each piece.