CMG granulators for extrusion edge trims at Equiplast

Among the products exhibited by CMG Granulators at Equiplast (Barcelona 30 May-2 June), at the stand of Luiso, the local distributor, the ET2 configuration of the ET series of extrusion scrap solutions is suitable for the in-line recycling of edge trims. CMG granulators for edge trim and film recycling are available with drives in different sizes for energy saving or higher cutting power. The features that most distinguish these solutions are the high precision in the assembly of the cutting chamber, which allows users to obtain high quality regrind in terms of dimensional homogeneity and absence of dust, operating efficiency, easy cleaning and application flexibility. 

CMG Granulators patented blade design provides first-class cutting accuracy. The blade is inserted in a "V" opening on the rotor, an assembly method that guarantees high resistance to mechanical stress and excellent cutting performance. Cutting is an initial stage of the recycling process. Post-consumer waste must go through this process before being washed and conveyed to the second sorting phase. Cutting accuracy ensures dimensional homogeneity and the absence of small particles. In addition to the blade design, CMG rotors feature advanced controls in order to independently adjust motor power and RPM, and obtain a high quality regrind using the minimum amount of energy possible.