Union hosts extrusion innovation weeks

(Picture Union)

From 20 May to 15 June, Union hosts the Extrusion Innovation Weeks at its headquarters in San Vittore Olona (Milan, Italy), focusing on complete extrusion lines. The event is proposed as a kind of "renaissance of the extrusion process", in particular through the processing of recycled materials and the improvement of the quality of the final products.

The focus will be on a new line concept for the production of PP honeycomb profiles with a net width of up to 3,000 mm and an hourly output of up to one tonne, for a variety of applications such as industrial and food packaging, and for the co-extrusion of PP sheets for interlayer separation, also with an hourly output of one ton.

The advantages of the new solutions include: improved surface quality and thickness tolerance of the finished product, which also has significant benefits for subsequent process steps; a significant increase in productivity due to higher line speeds; greater flexibility for different productions, including rigid sheets; improved process management and repeatability due to user-friendly automation and HMIs; increased ability of the line to distribute the extruded material, resulting in improved thickness, weight and profile width tolerances.