Agreement in maleic anhydride catalysts for polymers and bioplastics

(Picture from Clariant internet website)

A sustainability-focused specialty chemical company, Clariant announced that it has signed an agreement with Conser, part of Maire Group, for the supply of maleic anhydride catalysts. The partners will develop next-generation catalysts based on Clariant’s successful SynDane series, with the aim of offering superior productivity, cost efficiency and sustainability. The partnership comes at an opportune time as the demand for maleic anhydride continues to grow worldwide, particularly in China. Maleic anhydride is not only an essential component of polymers and coatings used in the construction, automotive, marine, and energy industries, but also an important intermediate for producing biodegradable plastics.

SynDane catalysts are designed for cost-efficient production of maleic anhydride via partial oxidation of n-butane in fixed-bed tubular reactors. Their superior yield and selectivity greatly reduce by-product formation and downstream polymerization, which minimizes downtime of maleic anhydride plants. The catalyst has been in such high demand in China, that Clariant made a multimillion-euro investment in 2019 to significantly expand its production capacity at its Panjin site.

Xaver Karsunke, Head of Specialty Chemicals at Clariant, commented: “We are delighted to partner with renowned technology licensor Conser to accelerate the sustainable production of maleic anhydride. The agreement further strengthens the collaboration between our companies, which started more than a decade ago. To date, five new projects have selected Clariant catalysts with Conser technology for the production of maleic anhydride. Our partnership will increase the number of customers benefitting from our combined capabilities.”

Alessandro Bernini, Maire Chief Executive Officer, commented: “With this agreement we further improve the soundness of our Sustainable Technology Solutions portfolio which spans from technology licensing to proprietary equipment and other high-value services, in line with the execution of our ten-year plan. We are eager to work with Clariant to further improve our technological offer to best serve clients’ demands for innovative energy-efficient solutions.”

Conser., part of Maire Group’s Sustainable Technology Solutions business unit led by NextChem, is a leading technology licensor of maleic anhydride technology globally, with a strong focus on the growing market in China. The company has extensive experience in the field of maleic anhydride and its derivatives, offering state-of-the-art plant design for lower production costs, higher product quality and reduced environmental impact.