Magnetic levitation assembly

Gefit developed a new family of assembly machines with intelligent magnetic levitation motion technology without any mechanical friction on the way, to the benefit of freedom, independence, and silent movement. The elimination of any physical contact with guides or supports also drastically reduces any possible wear and cleaning problems and maintenance work of the system. Furthermore, avoiding contact between the parts means no need for lubrication, making this system extremely suited for clean and white rooms.

Flexibility and dynamism are the watchwords of these new machines also thanks to the integration with robotic pick-and-place systems, that effectively streamline the feeding and the assembly phases. The magnetic shuttles float seamlessly on the pathways with a fast and fluid motion, reaching a speed of 2 m/s, with an impressive acceleration and deceleration. Gefit is also constantly focused on taking full advantage of the opportunities of the magnetic levitation platform, streamlining processes, and optimizing dimensions to obtain more compact and efficient machines.

Fast product change is another key feature: the shuttles can be easily replaced to handle components with diverse design and sizes, while the paths on the flyways can be dynamically adapted via software. The platform can be reconfigured with a small investment, thus satisfying the multiple needs of use, with the constant aim to deliver greater quality while containing costs. The magnetic levitation technology allows fast, precise and wear-free motion.

The advanced technology of the platform makes easy to dynamically simulate all the assembly phases, granting a fast response time and an efficient design development. An accurate virtual commissioning of the working cycle enhances the capabilities of the company to define all the assembly phases with great accuracy and with a predictive approach in a virtual environment.