Colines and Gneuss collaborate to extrude recycled stretch film

Colines and Gneuss have worked together to offer manufacturers of stretch film the possibility of using recycled polymer. Colines offers a special, proven cast and blown film extrusion process for handling recycled material, with the help of the Gneuss RSFgenius Melt Filtration System (in the picture) from Gneuss. Colines has already proven this process with up to 40 % recycled content in the manufacture of 10 µm stretch film.

The constant melt pressure offered by the Gneuss RSFgenius Melt Filtration System is a major benefit when processing recycled material and the efficient self-cleaning function of the RSFgenius means not only no production disturbances and of course not production interruptions whatsoever. Further, the Gneuss RSFgenius Melt Filtration System operates fully automatically and only rarely needs any attention, another key advantage in the highly automated Colines extrusion process.