Recycled plastic is a resource like the virgin one: Plastiblow is convinced

The manufacturer of extrusion blow moulding machines, Plastiblow, has for many years been at the forefront of experimentation and technological innovation, so much so that today it can offer blowing machines and complete systems not only with low energy consumption (one of the lowest in this sector), but also able to create lighter and more eco-sustainable multilayer co-extruded containers, thanks to an ad hoc design, because they use an important percentage of recycled plastic polymers.

According to the manufacturer, post-consumer recycled plastics represent a resource comparable to virgin ones and, as such, suitable for use alongside the latter where the application allows for it. Through the use of a consistent percentage of post-consumer recycled plastic material, it is now possible to obtain “greener” containers, i.e. with a lower environmental impact than in the past. This percentage can even reach 80% of the total weight of the container. This is good news for all sectors that need to produce more sustainably.

Recycled plastics maintain more or less the same physical/chemical and process characteristics of virgin plastics. The main difference is basically attributed to an aesthetic factor, but when using Plastiblow machines, the percentage of use is limited to the central layer, not visible, while for the internal layer, called “safety” layer because in contact with the product it must contain, and the external one, of aesthetic value, virgin material is used, but in a very modest percentage compared to the total weight of the container. Basically, there is no quality and safety problem to obtain containers that are completely similar to those produced with the conventional technique.

The experiments and tests the company has for some time been performing on its electric machines in co-operation with well-known worldwide producers of eco-sustainable materials, have confirmed the versatility of this production technology making it possible to manufacture containers by using recycled materials.