New vacuum pump simplifies conveying of plastics raw materials

The NVRBE vacuum pump from Maguire Products is easy to install, operate, and maintain simplifies conveying of raw materials from storage and can be configured in “mini-central” systems with extremely compact LowPro receivers mounted on multiple blenders.

The new vacuum pump conveys materials to blenders, dryers, or machine hoppers, and multiple units of the pump may be used in a single system. Its user-friendly features include:

- Clear-Vu dust collection bin, allowing the operator to easily see when cleaning is required

- filter safety switch, which minimizes dust contamination. The switch initiates an alarm and stops the blower if the filter becomes clogged

- pressure differential switch that acts as a clogged filter sensor, stopping the blower if the filter is clogged over 90%

- temperature safety switch, which prevents overheating of the blower. When the blower temperature exceeds a limit, an air bypass valve is opened to cool the blower

- air bypass valve, which prolongs pump life and minimizes power usage by allowing the blower to keep running when no vacuum is called for

- quieter operation in comparison with positive displacement pumps.

“The automatic features of the NVRBE vacuum pump and its simplicity of use make it especially compatible with Maguire’s LowPro receivers,” said Frank Kavanagh, vice president of sales and marketing. “Besides having an up to 80% lower profile than traditional receivers and being easier to configure, LowPro receivers are autonomously controlled, making them suitable for deployment in automated mini-central systems for conveying to multiple blenders.”