• 21 February 2024

    LyondellBasell announces executive committee changes

    LyondellBasell announced changes to its executive committee, which will be effective starting on March 1, 2024. Kimberly (Kim) Foley will assume the role of executive vice president, Global Olefins & Polyolefins (O&P), Refining and Supply Chain, and Aaron Ledet has been promoted to the role of executive vice president, Intermediates and…
  • 05 December 2023

    A coalition for zero emissions by 2050

    To drive the global chemical industry on a path to net-zero emissions by 2050, the Low-Carbon Emitting Technologies (LCET) initiative, incubated and hosted by the World Economic Forum for more than three years, has now officially launched as the independent Global Impact Coalition...
  • 14 March 2023

    LyondellBasell announces decision to acquire Mepol Group

    LyondellBasell and Mepol Group announced they have entered into a definitive agreement for LyondellBasell to acquire Mepol Group, manufacturer of recycled, high-performing technical compounds located in Italy and Poland, consisting of Mepol and its subsidiaries Polar and Industrial Technology Investments Poland.
  • 18 October 2022

    Source One Plastics is born for advanced recycling with MoReTec technology

    LyondellBasell and 23 Oaks Investments, Leiferde (Germany), signed an agreement to create Source One Plastics, a joint venture that will build an energy efficient, advanced plastic waste sorting and recycling facility in Germany. Using renewable energy from wind and biomass, the new unit is designed to...
  • 16 February 2022

    Circular materials for coffee capsules

    CirculenRevive polymers developed by LyondelBasell are made using an advanced recycling process to convert plastic waste into feedstock, which is used to produce new polymers, using a mass balance approach. With the support of Greiner Packaging, these polymers will be used to make coffee capsules for...
  • 15 December 2021

    LyondellBasell appoints a new CEO

    The Board of Directors of LyondellBasell has appointed Peter Vanacker, President and CEO of Neste Corporation, as its new Chief Executive Officer. Vanacker succeeds Bhavesh V. Patel, who will retire from the company on December 31, 2021, as previously announced...