Safer, more sustainable water management with TECHNYL polyamides

At DOMO, they want to be a key contributor to sustainable solutions for our planet, including for water management. One of the ways they do so is by providing advanced polyamide technology for the replacement of metal and high-end polymers for the water management industry. This helps to ensure greater sustainability, lower system and maintenance costs and easier handling of water.

DOMO’s TECHNYL SAFE portfolio includes a full range of US and European drinking water certified solutions for the water management industry, as well as food contact compliant grades. These polyamide materials include PA 6, PA 66, and PA 6.10-based alternatives and are produced in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP).

Reference applications for this product line comprise components traditionally made of brass, stainless steel or other metals. These cover heating and water meter systems, including pipes, pumps, valves, fittings, faucets, cartridges, boiler components like hydro-block manifolds, along with balancing and other small home appliance parts.

TECHNYL SAFE portfolio eliminates the risk of galvanic corrosion and scale build-up. It also helps reduce costs and facilitates compliance with tighter regulations on permissible levels of lead in drinking water.

In all these applications, TECHNYL SAFE delivers:

- A lead-free solution

- Drinking water regulation compliance

- No scale build-up or corrosion

- System cost savings

What is more, our new TECHNYL SAFE D solution (PA 6.10) delivers several important advantages over prevailing high-performance plastics. For example, it provides superior weld line strength that increases the robustness, longevity, and reliability of the part. It also delivers better dimensional stability, an important aspect for accurate metrology in water meters. It has very good processing capabilities, enabling easy injection moulding, lower processing temperature and energy consumption, and reduced scrap levels. And, thanks to its bio-based content, a more sustainable water meter can be brought to market.

At the Lyon R&D center, with dedicated test benches developed specifically for water management applications testing, DOMO experts are able to test the final part and modify various application parameters to evaluate its effective efficiency, even under extreme conditions. Temperature, pressure, flow rate, concentration of substances (chlorine, oxygen), pH, are some of these parameters. Results from the tests made it possible to predict performance over complete envisaged product lifetimes.

A sustainable future

By providing effective polyamide replacements for metal and high-end polymers for the water management industry, DOMO applications contribute to lower system and maintenance costs, easier handling, better longevity, and enhanced sustainability for a greener future. This is an important part of efforts at DOMO for our planet, including safe and sustainable water management.

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