Syncro Group team is further expanding

Walter Cavicchioli is the new sales manager of Syncro e Plantech-CST, covering Europe, Middle East and Africa markets. He joins the group bringing his 30 years of experience in the study of complex applications in the world of automation and material handling, experience gained in companies such as Doteco, Piovan and Penta.

“The EMEA market is one of the most sensitive markets to the circular economy, and Syncro Group, with its “Zero Waste Mission” goal, has long taken this path by investing in and developing products dedicated to reducing production waste, automation, and decreasing energy resources. I am sure that with Walter we will be able to develop the EMEA market and do great things”, commented Gabriele Caccia (on the left in the picture), president and CEO of Syncro Group.

“Strong growth has permitted Plantech-CST to become a market leader in the recycling, compounding, and PVC sectors, and I am very pleased to welcome Walter into our family as we go on to conquer new markets and succeed in being more and more glocal”, continued Roberto Pedrazzi (on the right), CEO of Plantech-CST.

“It is with real pleasure that I begin this new adventure in Plantech-CST Syncro Group. The enthusiasm and dynamism that I found in Gabriele and Roberto, whom I had already collaborated with in the past, gave me the boost to turn the page again and offer my now long experience in the industry and in the EMEA markets, with the purpose of taking on and winning all together the challenges that will be on the horizon”, added Cavicchioli (on the centre).

Syncro Group is a leading supplier of automation for extrusion, quality control systems, material handling and storage, defect measurement, recycling lines and pilot lab lines through the experience of Syncro, Plasmac, Plantech-CST, Acelabs and Eurexma, as well as 7 manufacturing plants and subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, Chna, Japan e India.