Star Automation Europe relies on Parco Innovation for South East France

On February 25, 2021, Star Automation Europe appointed Parco Innovation as its commercial agent for South-East France, following the retirement of the previous agent, Rudy Di Giuseppe.

Since 2008 Parco Innovation has been distributing conveyor and peripheral belts for various applications in the injection moulding sector, from agri-food to aeronautical and medical products, and has managed to build in time a loyal customer base in this niche segment. The strength of the company is the delivering of services not only as a supplier, but as a real commercial partner.

Despite the current difficulties caused by the pandemic, France remains a very important market for Star Automation Europe and the investment support plan recently launched by the French government with an eye to Industry 4.0 will bring a number of benefits for the manufacturing companies that are interested in investing in the automation of their production processes. These customers will be able to count on the support of Parco Innovation, whose team includes general manager Jean-Marc Hilsenkopf, two assistants and a technician.

"The addition of Star robots into our portfolio will allow us to meet the demands from French companies wishing to develop or align their production to Industry 4.0 concepts. At the same time, Parco Innovation will also be able to continue to grow thanks to the collaboration with Star, whose robots are a symbol of reliability and quality and are therefore perfect for delivering the accuracy levels demanded by our most technical customers", Hilsenkopf said.