Comerio Ercole acquired stake in Saspol

Based on its industrial partnership with Comerc International, the Comerio Ercole group has enlarged the presence into rubber production field becoming shareholder of the Italian company Sasmac International, the brand owner of well-known Saspol technology. Saspol was established in 1961 as a manufacturer of small rubber and plastic presses and in the following years of bigger presses of increasingly higher tonnage, and nowadays particularly involved in conveyor belts, retreading tires, solid tires and PP-PE-HDPE-UGMWPE thermoplastic sheets. The announcement of the new partnership was made during the K 2022 exhibition.

Davide Dondena (on the right in the picture) as third generation is still maintaining the general management of the working team with main five processing core businesses: presses for conveyor belts, tire retreading lines, solid tire and rubber tracks lines, presses for thermoplastic sheets. The new alliance with the Comerio Ercole group, which comes after a 20-years cooperation on specific supply project worldwide, enforces the industrial and strategic positioning of Saspol activity granting to all worldwide end user the necessary industrial reliability based on quality and technology. Guglielmo Comerio (on the left in the picture) underlines the benefit for all potential end-users deriving from this industrial alliance based on Comerio Ercole manufacturing and engineering platform.

The main target of the alliance involves the development of the following machinery:  SA-Belt (for conveyor belts); SA-Retreading (for tire retreading); Solid Tire SA-Solid (for solid tire manufacturing); SA-Tracks (for rubber tracks) SA-Plastic (for PP-PE-HDPE-UGMWPE sheet).