Advanced static and dynamic process analysis

The Dynamic-Rubber Process Analyser (D-RPA) 3000 developed by MonTech, represented in Italy by DGTS (Development of Gauge and Test Systems), is one of the world's most advanced high-end process analysis instruments, capable of satisfying the static and dynamic testing requirements of quality control and R&D.

The instrument is designed to measure the viscoelastic properties of polymers and elastomer compounds before, during and after vulcanisation. In addition to vulcanisation properties, cure characteristics and processability can also be determined and evaluated.

Its main features are
- oscillation frequency: 0.001 Ha-100 Hz;
- oscillation amplitude: ±0.001°-360°;
- torque range: 0.0001-2.325 dNm; 
- drive system: advanced wear-free servo drive system with ceramic bearings;
- wide range of chambers with different geometries (double cone, flat cone, flat plate, etc.);
- types of tests: Isothermal, Non-isothermal, Timed, Temperature Sweep, Strain Sweep, Frequency Sweep, Shear Rate Sweep, Relaxation, Retardation, Hysteresis, Tensile, Laos etc.

The D-RPA 3000 has an advanced applications package which takes the instrument to the next level, allowing it to identify and characterise materials to the best possible extent, providing essential data for key production processes (calendering, extrusion, injection moulding, etc.): Next generation direct torque drive system for oscillatory and rotational mode testing; new lower chamber sealing technology.

MonTech has also designed the MCool-40 Rubber Rheometer to operate at elevated temperatures, below room temperature, unlike conventional instruments, allowing the use of an external cooling unit which eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen or other refrigerant gases.