Solutions for the production of preforms and food containers

Sipa's participation in Cibustec (the trade fair dedicated to food and beverage technologies scheduled in Parma from 24 to 27 October) focuses on solutions for innovation in packaging design, production, filling and handling with particular regard to food applications. 

Sipa is at the forefront of preform design, with customised necks and stretch ratios, and optimised weight and production efficiency. The company’s wide range of food packaging solutions includes various bottle sizes for cooking oil, hot-fillable sauce jars, containers with an asymmetrical or oval shape for condiments and sauces, and squeezable ketchup bottles. 

In this context, the latest item developed by Sipa with an eye to sustainability is a 20-liter cooking oil PET container with a square base, stackable, with a 77 mm neck and high resistance and stability to loads. Weighing only 550 grams, it reduces transport costs and is fully recyclable.

For the production of preforms and containers, Sipa is able to offer a wide range of solutions that includes XForm injection systems for the production of PET preforms, ECS systems for the production of single-stage containers and SFL and Xtra systems for the production of two-stage containers. The company, therefore, is a technological partner capable of meeting the specific needs of processors, even offering customised solutions and always paying attention to factors such as the cost of containers, flexibility and sustainability in general. All the platforms offered by Sipa are also suitable for the production of preforms and containers made of 100% rPET, as well as other polymers.