Solvay entrusts Nevicolor with the distribution in Italy of its sulphonic-based polymers

Effective May 1, 2021, Solvay’s Udel PSU, Radel PPSU and Veradel PESU specialty polymers will be available in Italy through Nevicolor.

“Nevicolor is our long-standing distribution partner in Italy, providing coverage across all regions of the peninsula,” said Dries Steijnen Manager Channel Partners Sales Emea. “The addition of Udel PSU, Radel PPSU and Veradel PESU provides our Italian customers the industry’s broadest offering of sulfone-based polymers, and Nevicolor has the supply chain, technical and logistical service levels to immediately meet their needs.”

Nevicolor began distributing Solvay’s specialty polymers in Italy 35 years ago, and their portfolio will now include: sulfone polymers (Udel PSU, Radel PPSU and Veradel PESU), semi-crystalline polymers (Amodel PPA, Ryton PPS, Ixef PARA, Omnix HPPA and Kalix HPPA), aromatic polyketones (KetaSpire PEEK and AvaSpire PAEK), fluoropolymers (Hyflon PFA/MFA, Solef PVDF, Halar ECTFE and Tecnoflon FKM) and long fiber thermoplastics (Xencor LFT structural polymers).