New General Manager arrives at Campetella

Mauro Pede, in the centre, with Gaia
Campetella and Elia Campetella.
(Picture Linkedin Campetella)

Mauro Pede, with extensive experience in areas such as process engineering and digital transformation, has joined Campetella Robotic Centre as its new General Manager. This was announced by Elia Campetella and Gaia Campetella, CEO and Marketing Manager of the company, which manufactures robots and automation systems for the plastics industry.

In line with Campetella's global presence, structured to create value through solid commercial and technological relationships, the appointment of the new General Manager represents a fundamental step for the company in the continuous improvement of its mission to support customers in the automation and, today, the digitalisation and servitisation of their production processes.

"Campetella Robotic Centre has exactly what it takes to meet the new challenges of the market: I am talking about know-how and cutting-edge technology. For me, it is a great opportunity to work side by side with many experienced professionals," said Mauro Pede, who is taking over the management of the company.