Arburg at K 2022 will only have a "plan A"

At K 2022 Arburg is pursuing a clearly worded line of communication: "There is only a Plan A". "Plan A" conveys a commitment to making a contribution and presenting solutions for the important global issues of sustainability, the circular economy and CO2 reduction. With "Plan A", the Lossburg-based company is confirming to visitors at K 2022: it has understood these contexts and, as a machine manufacturer, is making its contribution by tackling these issues on both a strategic and operational level. "There is only a Plan A", however, also emphasises that there can be no "Plan B" when it comes to sustainability - true to the motto of the sustainability movement "There is no Planet B" - and fits with the focal points of K 2022, namely the circular economy, digitalisation and climate protection.

Arburg will take centre stage at K 2022: with its stand and the arburgGREENworld pavilion in the VDMA Circular Economy Forum. On a total of 2,300 square metres, the message will be clear: Arburg has "Plan A" when it comes to the perfect combination of sustainability, efficiency and cutting-edge technology and is a pioneer in resource conservation coupled with digitalisation. The exhibition program will be varied and articulated and will unfold through arburgGREENworld - circular economy, processing of recyclates, resource conservation - arburgXworld - digital products and services (Gestica including assistants, customer portal, host computer system, 5G cellular network) - applications - thin wall injection moulding, medical technology, multi-component injection moulding, packaging, cube technology and more - automation and turnkey, and partners.