Introducing the FX780 at PLAST Fair: innovative design, robustness, user-friendly software, increased flexibility

Experience the FX thermoformer and its incredible features at PLAST Fair

At the upcoming PLAST Fair, taking place from 5 to 8 September at Fiera Milano in Rho (Milan), WM Thermoforming Machines will unveil the updated model of its flagship steel rule cutting machine: the FX model

The FX Thermoformer boasts an innovative design and uncompromising solidity. Its sturdy and durable construction ensures stable and reliable operation over time, while state-of-the-art mechanical features enable exceptional thermoforming results.

One of the key strengths of the FX thermoformer is its enhanced software, improved through continuous customer feedback to be even more intuitive and user-friendly. Operators can fully leverage the machine's capabilities, thanks to a user-friendly interface and optimized workflow. This translates into increased productivity and faster startup times, allowing for high operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the FX thermoformer offers outstanding mold interchangeability. With an advanced and flexible system, competitors moulds can be easily used, without major modification needed.

During the fair, WM’s booth will be divided into three thematic areas. The first area will be entirely dedicated to the updated FX thermoformer, providing a comprehensive overview of its features and the benefits it can offer to the customers. Experts will be available to answer questions and provide detailed explanations about the machine. The second thematic area will focus on the redesigned software, representing a significant evolution in thermoforming management. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the intuitive user interface firsthand and discover how the software simplifies and optimizes the user experience.

Lastly, WM THERMOFORMING MACHINES will arrange a thematic area dedicated to automation. This space will allow visitors to explore downstream possibilities and how they can enhance thermoforming efficiency and productivity.

During the fair WM interested customers will have the opportunity to take a shuttle directly to the Stabio factory, where they can witness the FX780 E in action. It will also be possible to see other machines in WM range, such as the tilting machines of the FT series. This unique experience will allow to fully appreciate the machine's performance and quality, offering an insider's perspective on its ability to adapt to diverse production needs. 

Do not miss the chance to be at the forefront of the thermoforming industry! Visit WM’s booth at the PLAST Fair and discover how to revolutionize your production process. Join us on this extraordinary journey into the future of thermoforming.

Visit us at PLAST 2023: Pavilion 13 C31
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