ISCC Plus certification for Domo Chemicals PA 6

In a landmark achievement for sustainable manufacturing, Domo Chemicals, a global leader in engineered materials, has earned the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) Plus certification. Covering Domo’s sites in Leuna (Germany), Gorzow (Poland), and Arco (Italy), this certification enables the company to offer eco-friendly versions of its entire Technyl and Domamid polyamide 6 product lines, enhancing the customer’s choice while maintaining high-quality standards.

ISCC Plus is a globally recognized certification focusing on sustainable production through the mass balance approach. This innovative method seamlessly integrates bio-circular and circular materials into existing production processes, ensuring meticulous tracking and verification from their entry into the production process to the final product. This chain of custody is powered by Circularise, a mass balance software solution provider.

Domo Chemicals now offers an extended range of Technyl or Domamid solutions with various percentages of recycled content, without any compromise on performance. This new solution complements the Technyl 4Earth range and underscores Domo's commitment to reducing environmental impact and supporting the circular economy.

In collaboration with Vimar, a leader in the electrical and electronics offering, Domo has developed a new, halogen-free, self-extinguishing polyamide 6. This material, certified by ISCC Plus, is composed of bio-cycle raw materials, including recycled processing waste, avoiding landfill or incineration disposal.