Stirrer unit for high-capacity recycling

Installed in hot washing modules, the STR stirrer units improve the chemical washing performance thanks to their mechanical action and guarantee an optimal separation of contaminants such as glue and organic materials while minimising the consumption of energy, chemicals and water. 

The STR 18/25 model that Sorema, a business unit of Previero, will unveil at K 2022 represents the new version of the hot-water batch washing reactors for recycling plants for the post-consumer PET and HDPE bottles from municipal separate collection or from the deposit system. Like the previous models, this one is also made entirely of insulated stainless steel and comes complete with sensors managed by a process control PLC. Compared to previous models, however, the STR 18/25 version has been developed by improving the design of the impellers and the internal geometry, giving it a new "heart" able to increase performance and capable and to allow the development of lines with an input capacity of up to 10 thousand kg per hour. 

The high decontamination quality guaranteed by the STR 18/25 model is suitable for the production of flakes used in high-quality and upcycling processes, such as bottle-to-bottle recycling or the production of fibers and thermoforming sheets.