An October of exhibitions for CMG SL granulators

CMG Granulators is currently exhibiting the SL Series without screen at MSV International Engineering (Brno, 10-13 October), ALLpacK Indonesia (Jakarta, 11-14 October) and Fakuma (Friedrichshafen, 17-21 October).

The SL granulators are designed to produce regrind with a homogeneous shape and size and completely free of dust. The rotating blades make a fine and precise cut of the parts to be ground, without breaking or crushing them. The grinding elements are available in three different sizes to obtain the most suitable granule size for the injection process. SL granulators produce a regrind with a size comparable to virgin granulate, and the homogeneity of the regrind size is particularly advantageous when the SL granulator is combined with a low tonnage injection moulding machine.