Orbital wrapping machines for stretch film

Colines launched the new series of AllWrapper orbital wrapping machines, that are all equipped with the innovative motorized pre-stretch system (patented) with magnetic transmission, without energy on the moving part, without contacts and therefore without wear.

The distribution of the film with millimeter precision around the package allows to wrap any package; the use of the stretch film instead of the shrink film or instead of the cardboard boxes, allows enormous savings both in terms of material, on average 50% when compared to the shrink film, and electricity, 90% if compared to a shrink oven.

The innovative hot-wire cutting system (patented) with eccentric wheel movement without moving masses allows very high frequencies in an extremely small space.

The AllWrapper range of machines satisfies all needs in terms of cost and production speed starting from the low speed machine with 12 packs per minute, passing through the medium speed machine with 24 packs per minute to the high speed machine with 70 packs per minute.

The new winders will be exhibited by Colines in operation at the coming K 2022.