The corona treatment made in Italy at K 2022

An Italian manufacturer of corona and plasma surface treatments, Ferrarini & Benelli, will attend the K 2022 fair exhibiting a vast range of products. The three-phase digital Evo Smart generator with HMI touch-screen display and intuitive interface will be the main novelty in the field of corona treatment. Evo Smart achieves the power needed to treat every substrate, at the highest line speeds. The navigation system of the generator is user-friendly and multilingual, allowing immediate management of all the main working parameters and real-time monitoring of production data from any device (PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone). In addition, the system makes it possible to store events on SD card for downloading to a PC even via USB stick and to look up instruction manuals directly from the display.


The Evo Smart generator can be connected to the FB Cloud platform to receive technical assistance with remote monitoring and diagnostics, view the real-time data dashboard and process and download reports and analyses of production data. Ferrarini & Benelli engineers can thus monitor from Italy the main parameters of a generator installed anywhere in the world and provide online support and useful advice to operators.


Bikappa Rotary is the double-sided treatment system (also available in the one-sided version), designed to be installed on high-performance extruders or flexographic presses in line with extruders. This treatment system, coming in different models, is equipped with multiple discharge electrodes in aluminium or stainless steel, with sectors (or segments) of different lengths allowing zoned corona treatment; discharge rollers with silicone sleeve or vulcanised sleeve coating. The rotating opening of the rollers eases film threading and access to the electrode-insulators assembly.


Polimetal is the universal corona treatment system suitable for any material, such as plastics and metallised films, aluminium foil, plastic-coated paper and laminates. The system comes in four different models, each designed for specific production needs, equipped with ceramic electrodes and ceramic-coated discharge roller.


Knowing the surface tension of a surface is important to check whether a substrate is suitable for printing, coating or gluing and to evaluate the effects of corona treatment, at K 2022 Ferrarini & Benelli will be exhibiting a range of solutions designed for these tasks: Dyne Test Inks, Dyne Test Pens and Corona Markers. Dyne Test Inks are liquid solutions used to check accurately the adhesion of a liquid to a plastic surface and the effects of corona treatment. Dyne Test Pens are used for quickly checking if a substrate has been surface treated. Corona Markers highlight, owing to an ink which remains visible on the surface, the corona treated areas.