CMS genesi: the 5+1 secrets for working plastic (and other) materials at high speed

CMS genesi is the fixed gantry machining centre designed specifically to process plastics and composite materials at high speed. Exceptional movement guarantees top level productivity for large part production. The advanced structural design guarantees a reduction in the vibrations generated during processing granting excellent finishing quality.

There are 5+1 exclusive characteristics that make CMS genesi the fastest machine on the market!


1. Cutting time reduction

Maximum reactivity and speed achieved through the stability of the fixed gantry and acceleration and braking of the motion.

2. 17% reduction in overall cycle times: loading, machining, and unloading

This is also possible thanks to the movable worktables offering the top-level performance during positioning and interpolation.

3. Optimized volumes (deep draw parts included)

Best-in-class relationship between the overall size of the machine and processable area. The rigid structure of the fixed gantry provides stability for a robust and rigid large vertical stroke bulk and, at any given time, maximum positioning and cutting precision.

4. Widely configurable work areas

Tables can be configured to work in pendulum, single area, or paired together allowing machinability up to 6m.


5. Avoiding repositioning reducing cutting and programming times by 15%

Reduction in repositioning: the CX5 machining units extensive rotating axis provides quick repositioning response.


The Smart4Cut programming system focuses on the optimized generation of the trimming route. Based on interactive software and portable keyboard with joystick and touch screen, it handles all the CNC functions. It allows for the creation of the cutting program starting with the 3D model or directly from the sample piece fitted on the machine. It automatically optimizes the cutting trajectories by eliminating all unnecessary movements, manages the collisions control and reduces the cycle time to a minimum.

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