Technology and precision at the service of injection moulding

The new QE2008-W system from Gefran is an evolution of the complete set of QE1008-W wireless sensors for the even more accurate measurement of the column deformation and of the mould clamping force in injection moulding and die casting applications. It has been enhanced with new features, including Bluetooth 5.0 communication, longlife and fast-charging lithium-polymer batteries and cavity pressure profile monitoring. It also shares the simple and quick assembly of the previous release, thanks to the patented magnetic press-on technology, allowing the strain gauge to adhere directly to the measurement surface, without gluing and heat treatment.

Controlling the pressure inside the cavity of the mould is a critical parameter to ensure high product standards. Tested and reliable, this is the best technical and economic solution compared to the use of an injection moulding temperature sensor. Studies have shown how the monitoring of the cavity pressure profile is able to fulfil the same needs, with less investment. Added to this is the entirely new feature introduced in the QE2008-W: this being the mapping function of the Cavity Pressure Profile (CPP). The high sampling rate, equal to 1000 times per second, allows accurate mapping of the pressure variation on the tie-bar of the injection moulding or die-casting machine. The information gathered is then transferred via Bluetooth to the App for further analysis.

The signals from the sensors are transferred directly to the mobile App, available for Android, Windows and IOS, without an additional external gateway. The sensor is equipped with a Bluetooth interface that transmits measurement data to a PC, smartphone or tablet for further processing and analysis. In addition, the App allows to view both the measurement values of the individual sensors, and the bending-compensated elongation of the 4 columns of the press and their average value. The maximum standard deviation from the average value is calculated from this data and the operator receives a warning if anomalies are detected. The system also measures the bending of the columns, which is useful for preventing overloads or possible damages during the design phase. In addition to a diagram for dynamic measurements, the App also has numerous new functions, designed to support users and simplify rapid information storage processes by exporting CSV format files for traceable quality.

“The ability of the sensor to communicate directly with the App ensures numerous advantages such as configuration in a few seconds in the event, for example, a faulty sensor needs to be replaced. In terms of connectivity, we have chosen Bluetooth over Wi-Fi technology, in order to guarantee a longer battery life. In this sense, the new QE2008-W is equipped with lithium polymer batteries: the combination of the battery size and Bluetooth communication guarantees up to 12 hours of operation. In addition, the casing with integrated charging station allows, through a single USB-C connector, to charge all sensors at the same time”, explained Piero Tempini, general manager of Sensormate, a company of the Gefran Group active in the development, manufacturing, and sales of industrial sensors, which developed QE2008-W. “Finally, thanks to the USB-C port, QE2008-W meets the requirements of the future EU Directive for the standardization of battery chargers in advance”, concluded Tempini.