Negri Bossi at Mecspe with the fifth generation of electric presses

At Mecspe 2023 (BolognaFiere, Italy, 29-31 March) Negri Bossi will be exhibiting the Nova 5eT press in the 180-H590 version, a combination of Japanese technology and Italian design. The product represents the fifth generation of all-electric machines, built for maximum efficiency and precision, and is available starting from 50 tons up to 180 tons.

The Nova 5eT series includes countless features that bring important benefits including the new “Flat clamp” clamping system which reduces the load on the toggle, increasing the life of the mould and the “Pre Pack” system which guarantees the precise dose of injected material, repeatability of production and a compact and constant melt density. The innovative user friendly Multitouch Tact5 control completes the machine in conjunction with the Amico.4.0. remote assistance system to guarantee after-sale support via WAN connection and machine management according to Industry 4.0 requirements (in line with the Euromap 77/OPC 40077 communication standards).

During the exhibition, the injection machine, mainly suitable for the medical, packaging and technical moulding markets, will produce a polycarbonate protective eyewear for the event, thanks to the 1 + (1+1) cavity mould produced by the ADM company, in collaboration with Complastic. Furthermore, the machine will be fitted with Piovan auxiliaries and with a robot by Sytrama, a company of the Negri Bossi group.