Hourly rates for machines and equipment

Machine utilization is often difficult to predict and plastics processors need as much flexibility as possible with their equipment. Traditional financing models are not designed to adapt to the actual use of the machine due to fixed rates. Thanks to the new flexPay financing model from KraussMaffei, it is now possible to do just that.

Where previously it was necessary to invest large amounts in a new system and thus tie up capital, it is now possible to pay only for the production hours itself. The new flexPay financing model is designed precisely for this purpose: there is a variable down payment per machine and a monthly payment, which consists of a basic fee and an hourly rate. The more flexibility the customer demands, the lower the base fee. The flexible part (hourly rate) varies depending on the production hours of the machine. Consequently, in the event of a fluctuating order situation, for example if an order is suddenly canceled, the costs incurred are also reduced by up to 80% compared with conventional financing. At the end of the predefined contract period, the machine can be taken over if desired.

FlexPay convinces with a whole range of other benefits: more liquidity in the company, always the latest hardware equipment and digital products in production - and thus less energy consumption plus a smaller CO2 footprint. Another focus is on improving overall equipment effectiveness, which is ensured by both machine maintenance and digital services. With flexPay, the digital transformation of the production can be driven forward easily and without risk - which raises further valuable potential. After an one-year pilot phase with selected customers and in cooperation with the partner Linxfour, KraussMaffei is now officially marketing flexPay.

flexPay is available for all machine series and configurations from KraussMaffei and also includes removal- and industrial robots on request, so that users can configure their system just as freely as they would with a purchase. If required, employee training is also included in the package. Machine availability is guaranteed by permanent analysis of the machine status, predictive maintenance and 24/7 expert support. With flexPay, KraussMaffei is expanding its smartFinance portfolio, which offers customers a broad and individually tailored selection of financing options.