RadiciGroup at Chinaplas between innovation and sustainability

RadiciGroup is taking part in Chinaplas with its Specialty Chemicals and High Performance Polymers business areas, reaffirming the importance of the Chinese market for the group, both for the expectations of strong business growth in the Asian area and for the possibility of developing innovative solutions to be made available on the global market.

China leads the way in terms of e-mobility”, commented Erico Spini, Global Marketing Director of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers. “Thanks to the collaboration with our local customers, we have expanded the range with products particularly suitable for this sector: in particular I refer to flame retardant materials that are usually used for applications that require high mechanical resistance over time, such as frames and battery housings, IGBT supports, bus bar, housings for electronic components and high voltage connectors. We have also collaborated in the development of wireless charging systems, making available our expertise in the selection and design of polyamide-based polymers. Furthermore, we are also working in China on some innovative solutions for the electromagnetic shielding of electric car components, we are testing solutions that we hope to be able to industrialize soon, with a view to making the know-how available to the whole Group acquired".

In China, too, "innovation" is therefore the keyword for entering new markets and applications, together with "sustainability": in this direction, RadiciGroup already has consolidated experience in the use of products with recycled content, now known throughout the world with the Renycle brand. In addition to this, we already have a range of partially bio-based materials available under the PA610-based Radilon D brand. These materials, in addition to offering excellent technical performance (high chemical resistance, high dimensional stability thanks to lower water absorption, excellent hydrolysis resistance compared to PA6 and PA66), represent an optimal solution for reducing the environmental impact thanks to the use of material from renewable sources. Sustainability is the framework in which the Specialty Chemicals business area also works, with a series of proposals ranging from the production of chemical intermediates starting from vegetable raw materials to polymers deriving partially or totally from bio sources. Another rapidly developing market in China is that of the solar industry: flame retardant products (belonging to the Radiflam family on a PA66 base) are used here with special characteristics that allow them to pass the approval tests envisaged for connectors for solar panels.

“The development of products for e-mobility and for the solar energy sector is very strategic here in China”, remarked David Qi, Strategy Marketing & Business Development Manager of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers. “The continuous exchange of skills and experiences with the colleagues present in other countries it allows us to face many new challenges and to work on innovative and sustainable projects specific for the local market. Furthermore, thanks to the availability of qualified people in research and development and technical assistance, we are able to be proactive and quick in finding solutions to local needs”.