Inovyn cements worldwide leadership in specialty PVC

Inovyn has announced a further planned step increase in its European specialty PVC production capacity, which will bring its total increase in capacity to 220 kt by 2027. This latest increase builds on the technological and commercial success of previous investments and will be delivered though expansions across Inovyn’s entire specialty PVC production network, further cementing the company’s unrivalled production capability.

The additional volumes will underpin ongoing security of supply for customers served by Inovyn’s PVC plants in Germany, Norway, Belgium, Sweden and France. Coordinated through its world-class RT&E centres in Belgium and Norway, Inovyn’s ongoing strategy is driven by evolving market demand, particularly for sustainable PVC in high-end applications across the automotive, energy and building and construction sectors.

“This latest investment is a further demonstration of Inovyn’s global leadership and long-term commitment to specialty PVC. It will support increased global demand, particularly in sustainable applications, and will enable our customers to create their own competitive advantage”, Filipe Constant, Business Director for Inovyn, commented.