SKZ training arrives in Italy

At the beginning of 2024, SKZ Plastics Center entered the Italian plastics market together with its new sales partner Prochema, an integral part of the Italian plastics market for many decades in the areas of plastics processing machinery, extrusion and recycling, and already representing various players in the industry on the market. In the area of training, SKZ is a provider from the shop floor to C-level and its research and development services also extend to the Italian plastics market. The new SKZ sales agency will distribute all SKZ training courses - including classroom training in Germany, on-site training in Italy, live online courses from the SKZ online studio and web-based training. 

"With Prochema, SKZ now has a partner in the Italian market who knows the needs of potential customers, has strong ties to the plastics industry, and will actively raise the profile of SKZ in Italy in cooperation with the headquarters in Würzburg", said Matthias Ruff, authorized signatory and head of Sales Education & Research at SKZ (first left in the photo, together with Marco Leone Zimmel, centre, CEO of Prochema, and Benjamin Baudrit, right, Deputy General Manager Education & Research at SKZ).

"This collaboration will help our customers to achieve and improve their goals, thanks to the structure and the technical and pedagogical skills of SKZ", said Marco Leone Zimmel. Benjamin Baudrit, Deputy Managing Director Education & Research at SKZ, concluded: "SKZ has been active internationally for years and we have not really been present in Italy with our training activities”.