Sirmax to build its fourteenth production plant in India

A specialist in the production of thermoplastic pellets for various application sectors, Sirmax is building its fourteenth production plant near Hosur, India. The Italian group is already present in India with two plants, one in Palwal and one in Valsad. In addition to the greenfield project in Hosur, the company’s expansion plans in Asia also include the enlargement of the Palwal plant.

After the purchase of the land in Hosur from the government of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the construction works have already started and are to be completed by 2026, according to the agreement that imposes the conclusion of the works and the obligation to start operation within three years. The new plant will have a production capacity of 20 thousand tons per year.

The Palwal enlargement project, on the other hand, will increase the production capacity of this plant by 15,000 tons per year thanks to the addition of new spaces covering 7,000 square meters which will accommodate four new production lines equipped with state-of-the-art extruders, capable of ensuring higher throughput speeds and greater production rates, as well as new warehouses provided with automated systems for material handling, and new laboratory equipment.

These expansion plans are part of a strategy aimed at strengthening the foreign branches of the Italian group (based in Cittadella, near Padua). After the development of production at the Anderson site in the United States, Sirmax's goal is to bring its production capacity in India to over 60 thousand tons per year. The total investment amounts to approximately ten million dollars and is considered strategic as it meets the growing demand for thermoplastic compounds in the region. Sirmax has been operating in India since 2017 through Autotech-Sirmax, a joint venture established with the Indian Tipco Group. The compounds produced in India are used in sectors that are driving the growth of the subcontinent such as electric mobility, household appliances and electrical and electronic components.

"At the moment, India is the only area in the world that is truly growing," commented Massimo Pavin, the president of Sirmax. "India has a huge domestic market and is a major hub for the whole of Southeast Asia. I am very proud of our expansion plans that consolidate Autotech-Sirmax India and lay the foundations for a future growth that is even greater than the one we have recorded so far. I would like to thank the Indian authorities for their cooperation. The enlargement of the Palwal site and the new Hosur plant will allow us to further strengthen our position in Asia."

"This is a historic moment for India," said Achal Thakkar, CEO of Autotech-Sirmax India. "Very good business opportunities are emerging and we are ready to seize them. The demand for thermoplastics and polypropylene has grown a lot in recent times and we will be able to meet this market demand thanks to the investments we have made so far. Our expansion projects represent a fundamental step in the history of our company."