NoEl enters Gruppo Colines Holding

Colines announced the acquisition of NoEl, company headquartered in San Pietro Mosezzo (Novara, Italy) and specialized in the manufacture of machines for pre-stretched coreless film production and reels slitting. NoEl is a highly technology-oriented company. As a matter of fact, over 50% of the company staff is involved in research and development activities. On this backdrop, the company will be coexhibitor of Colines at the upcoming K 2022.

“This is a new and prestigious milestone for our group”, said Eraldo Peccetti, executive president of Gruppo Colines Holding, “and at the same time a new beginning both for us and NoEl. We are extremely glad about this acquisition and we are confident that the cooperation between the different members of our group, such as Colines, Elav and NoEl can make the difference in the process of developing new and innovative solutions for an ever-evolving market”.

“This is definitely a new beginning for us”, added Roberto Pellengo and Roberto Colombo, technical manager and global sales manager of NoEl respectively. “We are sure that being part of such a prestigious and world-renowned group, such as Gruppo Colines Holding, we will have the chance to keep our growth-path and strengthen our global presence. Our activity can be considered complementary to those carried-out by the other companies of the group and this will also give us the chance to mutually help each-other’s growth”.