Brixia Plast: all-around partner

Its long-serving experience allowed BRIXIA PLAST to develop a comprehensive service that highlights their skills not only as supplier but also as a real partner.

Backed by constant R&D, BRIXIA PLAST keeps developing quick and efficient solutions aimed at helping the success of its clients in the shortest time. 

Thanks to this philosophy, BRIXIA PLAST offers a complete range of services that can respond to all clients’ demands: from cleaning to disassembling plasticizing units, from dimensional verifications to refurbishments and reparations of old units.

Disassembly, cleaning and dimensional checks

Its technical and maintenance department, supported by highly specialized technicians with state-of-the-art equipment, is able to disassemble any plasticizing unit quickly and efficiently.

At a second stage, a latest generation pyrolytic oven is used to clean any plastic residue from each component of the plasticizing unit, in compliance with the most advanced environmental regulations.

Complete checks are carried out on the customer's plasticizing components, to assess their wear status and detect any problem.

Furthermore, its highly qualified personnel can carry out a complete quality control check directly at our customers’ factories.



In order to keep costs as low as possible and provide quick responses to urgent situations, Brixia Plast is able to refurbish worn plasticizing units, guaranteeing not only a quick service but also restoring the components to their original performance. The company refurbishes screws and barrels with innovative techniques and customized solutions.

Design, plug and play and start up

The consolidated experience of its technical department has allowed the company to develop and redesign special plasticizing groups, dedicated to the multiple needs of customers: increase or reduce the injection volume, increase or reduce the L/D ratio, optimize the process and in general find a solution that can solve each and every problem.

BRIXIA PLAST develops solutions studied to optimize the injection moulding process, increasing productivity, reducing waste, improving quality, always keeping an eye on costs and energy savings.

BRIXIA PLAST, in collaboration with the best brands in the industry, offers the possibility of completing plasticizing units with high-performance insulation systems, in order to obtain high efficiency energy results.

The result for all intents and purpose is a complete module. The plasticizing units that the manufacturer offers are complete, wired, ready for installation and provided with a manual. This is an optimal solution to reduce downtime and simplify the assembly of the new unit. All this can be achieved also thanks to BRIXIA PLAST's network of technicians and technologists capable of guaranteeing, all over the world, a high-quality assembly and start up service for plasticizing units.

The company idea is to support the customer not only in the mere replacement of mechanical parts but even when it comes to optimize the injection moulding process itself, with the intention of to strengthen its business but especially theirs.

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