Uniloy and Baumüller: agreement for greener, more efficient blow moulding

(Picture Uniloy)

During NPE 2024, Uniloy, a leading global provider of blow moulding machines and related services, has entered into a groundbreaking collaboration agreement with Baumüller, a renowned drive and automation technology pioneer. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in the plastic machinery sector. Under this collaboration, Uniloy will harness Baumüller’s advanced digital technologies to enhance its plastic machines for energy efficiency, precision control, and seamless integration with Industry 4.0 standards, empowering manufacturers to achieve higher productivity and profitability while reducing their environmental footprint. This represents a fusion of Uniloy’s decades-long expertise in blow moulding and structural foam moulding with Baumüller’s innovative drive and automation solutions.

“We are thrilled to partner with Baumüller to bring forth the next generation of plastic machinery,” said Gary Riley, CEO at Uniloy. “This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to innovation and sustainability for developing the future of plastic manufacturing.” Diago Areces, the CEO at Baumueller-Nuermont, is equally excited about the partnership’s potential: “We are proud to collaborate with Uniloy to integrate our technology into their machines. Together, we aim to set new standards for performance, sustainability, and digitalization in plastic manufacturing, empowering businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving market.”