Services for injection moulding, from prototyping to process optimisation

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In industrial operations, workloads are typically high. At the same time, there are complex tasks that need to be completed on the side. Production of test specimens for new materials, sampling, process analysis and optimization. Unfortunately, there is often not enough time. The SKZ Plastics Center, institute based in Würzburg (Germany), offers a cost-effective, external and qualified solution by providing services to the industry.

For manufacturing companies, day-to-day operations are often hectic and production must run smoothly. There is often not enough time to test alternative materials for a product, small series of components for test purposes, sampling of tools, injection molding tests with special test parts, and other important long-term activities. This is where the SKZ Plastics Center comes in. The Würzburg-based institute offers a comprehensive range of services for injection molding companies.

"We see ourselves as pioneers for plastics processors and have often been able to provide support. Often it's just a matter of producing test specimens, because you can't or don't want to do without a machine in production to test alternative materials. However, we have also provided complete process consulting for customers. Thanks to their extensive experience in industry-related research, our colleagues have a lot of experience to contribute," said Bernhard Hennrich, Deputy Head of Injection Molding and Additive Manufacturing.

A well-equipped technical center allows SKZ experts to handle even the most complex requests. Experts from other areas of the company also provide support, such as material analysis, product testing or quality control.The European Green Deal, with the goal of a completely CO2-neutral EU by 2050, also influences the research areas of the EZD (European Center for Dispersion Technologies) in Selb. Currently, EZD scientists are intensively researching bio-based, sustainable and non-toxic formulations and coatings.

The SKZ is a member of the Zuse Association. This is an association of independent, industry-related research institutions that pursue the goal of improving the performance and competitiveness of industry, especially SMEs, through innovation and networking.